Visualise hosts in Ingress and Egress Gateways with Kiali


I installed Istio 1.7 on a Rancher 2.5.2 environment and deployed the bookinfo application.

When sending a request to the productpage i saw that Kiali was showing where was the connexion coming from. Same thing when sending a request from some pod in the application to an external service exposed with a service entry.

But when setting up an Ingress or Egress gateway it’s not possible anymore to see from which host or to which host the requests are coming/sent.

Is that possible to visualise that in Kiali ?

Thanks in advance

First, just remember Kiali visualizes the Istio telemetry - if the Istio telemetry has traffic in it, Kiali will visualize it. Here’s a doc you might find useful regarding this: Kiali: Service mesh observability and configuration

If using an ingress, you will see requests coming from the ingress to your mesh workload or app - that is something Kiali will visualize.

If it is not showing in the Kiali graph, check that your Istio config is correct and the ingress is truly routing traffic to your mesh apps.

+1 it seems that ingress and egress gateways do not support the same level of telemetry as the sidecars, despite being envoy just like the sidecars.

For now I’m not using istio gateways for this reason.