Egress Blackhole even with ServiceEntries

Within the mesh I have locked down egress with REGISTRY_ONLY setting in the istio configmap and verified egress traffic is halted, all services that require DB and other external services turn red.

I then apply my ServiceEntries for egress and all the apps start working again, however kiali shows traffic as passthroughcluster in one service node on the graph.

I expect to see one node on the right side of the graph for each SE being used, and I did have it showing correctly at one point but I also had an egress gateway configured at that time. I do not now.

Has anyone seen this issue before? Do you need an egres gateway setup for serviceentries to show up on the kiali graph?

I had a similar issue of the ServiceEntries not showing up on the Kiali graph. I was using the 1.15.0 version of Kiali. After upgrading to 1.15.2 version, the issue went away.

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