Passthrough Cluster

I have a bunch of services in my mesh accessing external services I want to see those as opposed to showing in Kiali/Prometheus as PassthroughCluster I have created serviceEntry for them but they still show in Kiali as Passthrough checking my Prometheus with istio_requests_total{destination_service_name="PassthroughCluster"} I see no entries ?

If you are not seeing your service entries in Kiali it may mean that the requests are not actually being handled by the SEs, so make sure your definitions are correct. You can change from ALLOW_ANY to REGISTRY_ONLY to ensure the service entries are working as expected (if not working the requests will be sent to BlackHoleCluster and fail). Also check the definitions for any validation errors in Kiali.

If you see PassthroughCluster in the Kiali graph and not in your prometheus metrics then something is very strange, make sure Kiali is pointed to the correct Prometheus and not maybe getting load-balanced between different proms.

Thank you.

I guess the point here is I want to valid the SE’s before switching to REGISTRY_ONLY to do that I need to see the traffic passing. Right now it doesn’t seem to have any reference to any in the metrics which is odd. It’s definitely the correct Prometheus instance.

Actually according to this at d9124e386c419d864f979844e4d78603782f035f · istio/ · GitHub

It would appear although the requests are going out to HTTP/HTTPS they are being recorded as TCP only. This document references “Listener Type” but not sure how to check that or what configuration ?