Kiali Graphs showing passthrucluster as unknown

Hello All,

I am new to Istio and trying to understand the Kiali dashboard. I have a very simple application which has a 2 flask app and both queries an RDS system for data. When I try to create some test traffic for both services, I can see the correct data returned but Kiali traffic stats dont show anything for the Service Entry traffic. Also the smilelang app speaks so the same RDS endpoint in the Service Entry. Why is Kiali not showing the traffic flow for smilelang to the RDS endpoint. Please advice

Istio V 1.7

It seems that in the past you had at least some requests flowing through PassthroughCluster or being blocked by BlackHoleCluster. If you don’t want to see those you can hide them by typing !traffic intp the graph hide input box. In general Kiali is just reflecting the telemetry provided by Istio. Maybe check out the “Graph” section of the Kiali FAQ and see if that answers some of your questions.