Does tracing and visualization require ingress via istio-ingressgateway?

I’ve deployed istio 1.5.0 on kube 1.15.6 successfully. I have enabled sidecar injection and all pods running with sidecars. I’ve exposed the gui’s via istio-ingressgateway (setup as LB type).

My microservices however are ingressed via node-port and not via the gateway.
They do have sidecars running though so I would think that would capture some observability and tracing…
However, I am not seeing any traces whatsoever in jaeger, and in kiali the observability is very limited, it only shows the apps/services but no graphs or traffic.

My question is:
What level of observability should I see in kiali and jaeger when I just have sidecars and not ingressing via istio-ingressgateway?