Implement observability and traceability part of ISTIO in kubernetes

I am trying to install ISTIO on a kubernetes cluster running spring boot micro services.
I know that ISTIO has different functionality and usage such as load balancing, routing, observability and traceability etc. but i am interested on using just observability and traceability part of ISTIO.
there is haproxy implemented on cluster as load balancer because of special inherited sticky rules.
With this inteoductory info I have this question:
is it possible to install ISTO in the cluster and just use the observability and traceability part of ISTIO?

Welcome, Kamran!

When you install Istio out of the box, you get it in the state you suggest: observability and traceability only. Just don’t create any rules relating to security or traffic management.

(I’m not sure off the top of my head, but you might need to configure your Ingress Gateway to allow all traffic.)

Thank you @craigbox

so I will try it and post a reply here on what would it look like after I implement it.

As soon as you have your pods injected with Istio proxies, and have Prometheus set up, you should be able to use Kiali to analyze your traffic and its Jaeger integration for tracing.

thank you @jshaughn
I started read istio concepts and architecture and components again. possibly i follow the demo first to see what i encounter then i will do it on a test environment for my cluster.
anyhow your proposed sequences is very helpfull for me to do it more practical to achive what is my need without waste of time on unnecessary topics which is not my need right now.
it is very helpfull information.

Hello every one

After a few days of implementation and reading the ISTIO documentation, I found it a little tricky implementing other ingress controller along with ISTIO.
by the way for the sake of others who have the same need I found following document which really helped me a lot.

Can I use Istio with Other Ingress Proxies?.

the tricky part is:

1.injecting sidecar in ingress controller namespace.
2.adding some annotation to ingress controller deployment or daemon set. specifically some ingress port to exclude from envoy proxy mTLS handshake.
3.create a sidecar kind in ingress controller name space.

as I said earlier I used HA-PROXY as ingress controller.
good luck :face_with_monocle: