Introducing the Istio operator for Kubernetes


We’d be very happy to receive some feedback, you can check out the Github repo or the announcement on our blog: banzaicloud blog.


This is great. As first order of business, I encourage you folks to add this to the documentation, even if its purely experimental. This will help a larger populace test the system and give you feedback.

We would also be happy to help you guys update the system to 1.1, and present this as an option to end users. Its fine if all the bells and whistles of istio are not there. Basic istio install, without the helm complexity would go a long way.


thanks, we’ll do that and add it to the docs.
We’d appreciate if you could help with setting up 1.1, so we’ll be in touch I guess.



I suggest you attend one of the environment working group meetings - the env group deals with all the installation related stuff. There is a similar effort going on in the env working group to use an installation operator with a slightly different design than yours. It would be beneficial to combine these efforts.


We will be attending the meeting next Wed - look forward to combining efforts for sure, as our goal is to build something beneficial for the wide Istio community, not just our customers. Our very short term efforts (already working on these as we speak are: adding 1.1 support, automatic version upgrades, federation)


Hi Marton,
Thank you for the job done and for sharing that with the community!
I would also suggest that you publish Istio Operator to the OperatorHub ( just announced by Redhat. This will enable everyone to use the Operator in a seamless way.


FWIW: There is an Istio Operator for OpenShift clusters - it is spearheaded by some Red Hat folks:



We also have a 1.1 version which we are intending to demo this week, it replaces our ansible version and wraps the helm templates.


To follow up on this post - read more about automating single mesh multi-clusters with the Istio operator:


Hi @martonsereg and @matyix,

Would be possible to help assess Banzai Istio Operator with Operator maturity model:

I would say that it should be bumped to phase 2 (Seamless upgrade) but I would like to confirm that with you as you know more than me the operator


Yes, #2 is OK, working towards Phase III