Istio installations on a single cluster

Hi everybody,

We’re running a single Kubernetes cluster with multiple nodes.

Up until now we’ve installed Istio on both the master- and slave nodes.
We’ve also maintained all those installations throughout each version upgrade of Istio (which is a bit cumbersome).

My question is if it’s actually necessary to have the Istio-installation on the slave nodes or if we can just have a single installation on the master node, which anyways handles the full cluster management?

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Any insight will be much appriciated.

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can you explain a bit more. What version of istio? you are deploying istiod or pilot to masters and nodes? you should only need one deployment of istio per cluster

and you should not need to deploy istio to the master nodes

Thanks for your replies.

I have one cluster with multiple nodes, so one master node and multiple slaves.
I’m currently using Istio 1.7.3 but will soon move to 1.8.

It’s an on-premise installation based on a microk8s cluster.
Each node runs on a separate server.

To my humble understanding installing and deploying Istio consists of the following steps:

  1. Downloading the Istio binaries on the physical servers
  2. Installing/deploying Istio, which we’re doing using an IstioOperator to customize as required.

Installing/deploying Istio (point 2) in the cluster is done on the master node via kubectl after which all Istio components (istiod, istio-system namespace etc. ect.) is available throughout the full cluster (master and slave nodes).

I think my definition of installing vs downloading Istio is a bit of a mix-up.
My question actually refers to point 1, downloading the Istio binaries (which I initially thought of as installing Istio (on the physical server, not in the cluster).

So, trying to be more clear:
Is it necessary to download and maintain the Istio binaries, via “curl -L | sh -” on the servers hosting the slave nodes or is it only necessary on the server hosting the master node?

I hope it makes a bit more sense now.

Thanks for any further replies.

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