Container/Application logging


I’ve checked out the Logging with Fluentd example, and it works like a charm for collecting istio logs, but I can’t figure out if I can collect application logs (stdout) this way as well?

Right now, Istio does not provide any utilities for collecting application telemetry, including logs. However, I believe there are several how-to guides on the internet for setting up fluentd daemonsets for k8s, if that is your deployment environment. GKE, I believe, uses a fluentd deployment to ship application logs to Stackdriver, for example.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up.
I’ve seen a some topics on that, I just wanted to check if there were an “Istio-solution”.

I am new to k8s and Istio and have some challenges in understanding the Fluentd configuration. Could you please share the Fluentd setup configuration? I did follow the steps in the istio documentation but i get a message that there are no logs at this moment for the booknfo demo application. Appreciate any help here, thanks in advance.

even i too tried setting up logging stack as per the mentioned way in the istio doc but unable to access the logs. i have done the very same step and lso did the kube port-forward to this : kubectl -n logging port-forward $(kubectl -n logging get pod -l app=kibana -o jsonpath=’{.items[0]}’) 5601:5601 &
but unable to access the kibana UI ?
how to access it outside the cluster as i am bale to access the kiali, grafana and other dashboards through this: <>
suggest me some views on this.