Stdio adapter - production use?

I happened to stumble across this earlier today –

If this is indeed true (" # stdio is a debug adapter in istio-telemetry, it is not recommended for production use."), it feels like something that needs to be called out as a caution in the documentation:

I only ask because I am literally two days from promoting into production a telemetry logging setup that uses stdio with a fluentd container log scraper to gather Istio mesh logs into the logging system.

Am I going to have a bad day?

I would double check on GitHub issues and create another issue referencing the issue above asking if it’s production ready just to be safe.

Thanks! I was able to connect on the Istio Slack with some of the developers and they did indeed caution that stdio is not optimized in ways you’d probably want in a production environment.

I am going to move to delivering metrics to fluentd through the native fluentd adapter instead.