List available mixer adapters


Hi there,

Is there a way to list the available mixer adapters (built-in and/or out-of-process)?

The reason I ask is because I’m trying to use the dogstatsd adapter and:

  • When I installed istio (from the CRD didn’t exist. I installed it from the crd-11.yaml available in the istio github repo

  • I previously set up a statsd adapter that works as expected, however the metrics don’t include tags, hence my move to dogstatsd

  • With that installed, when I created my handler metrics I get absolutely nothing. No errors in the mixer log, no metrics in the istio-telemetry:9093 endpoint (I do see the mixer_runtime_dispatch_duration_seconds_bucket with the adapter=“prometheus” and adapter=“statsd” )

So I’m thinking that maybe the dogstatsd adapter hasn’t been compiled in my version of mixer? If so, is there a guide I can follow to run it out-of-process?



It’s probably worth mentioning that istio-telemetry is using the istio/mixer:1.1.0-snapshot.4 image from dockerhub


To answer my own question, the problem was that the sampleRate parameter in the dogstatsd handler is not optional. Adding it fixed my issue.