How to install Mixer Cloudwatch Adapter


Can anyone point me towards any docs regarding how to install the Istio cloudwatch adapter?

I see the handler parameters are documented here:

But I can’t find any examples of the actual YAML that shows the resources that need to be created.

Many thanks in advance!

If you look in the repo, there is example operator config supplied. I’m not sure how up-to-date that configuration has been kept, however.

Thanks, I did try that config earlier but from what i can see this is not compatible with the later istio builds - it uses logentry/metric/cloudwatch CRDs that are not present.

I eventually got it working via configuring handler/instance/rule resources based upon the prometheus adapter config included in the helm charts.

Appreciate your response though.


Happy to hear you were able to get it working. Sorry it took a bit of digging.

If you have the time, I’d very much welcome a PR to update the example config.

sure - I’ll raise once I’ve cleaned up the config

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