Configure Istio 1.5 Mixer With Gcloud Stackdriver backend

With the changes of Istio 1.5 ( with one binary and istioctl). How would I configure my mixer to talk to Stackdriver in Gcloud.

  1. With ServiceAccountPath is relative to Mixer, how do we cleanly mount the serviceaccount file into the istiod pod for mixer to reference?
  2. I don’t see project-id field in the configuration anymore, does that mean that Istio will take this from the serviceaccount file?
            apiKey: ""
            appCredentials: false
            serviceAccountPath: ""
          enabled: false
            enabled: false
            sampleProbability: 1

Found the way to configure the serviceaccount. There is a telemetry secret that automatically mounted into the telemetry pod as volume ( mixer container have access to it).

@Huy_Le1 happy you were able to sort out your issues. have you looked into the stackdriver extension inside of istio-proxy? Mixer is deprecated, so if you are looking for a lasting way to integrate, you may want to consider it. It would be cool if you could try it out and see if it meets your needs.

Do you have a link with documentation on how to use the extension inside of istio-proxy?

Please see the install options listed here: