Mixer OSS build with google Stackdriver


Hi all,
I’m curious wether open source Istio mixer build supports the Google cloud Stackdriver integration. Is the adapter for it included in the build or not? If so, is there any example on how to setup it?
When using Istio addon on google cloud the mixer build does already include the adapter and the configuration, so no additional settings are required.


The OSS build does include the Stackdriver adapter.

There are a few examples of configuration, including the following: https://github.com/bianpengyuan/istio-stackdriver/blob/6b60a0660ecbc8ea8c25a4f330f80e12fa190c24/yaml/all-in-one.yaml.

One thing that you can do is to look at the config for the adapter that is install when you are using the Istio add-on for GKE and copy it to a cluster without the add-on.

If you aren’t running on Google Cloud, you’ll need to configure creds. For that, please take a look at the adapter docs: https://istio.io/docs/reference/config/policy-and-telemetry/adapters/stackdriver/.


Thanks, @douglas-reid. Could you give me a tip on how to look at the adapter config? Is it possible via istioctl command?


kubectl is your friend in this case. I don’t recall exactly how the config is installed in the managed GKE addon. Maybe try:

  • kubectl -n istio-system get stackdrivers handler -o yaml
  • kubectl -n istio-system get rules stackdriver-server -o yaml
  • kubectl -n istio-system get metric -o yaml
  • kubectl -n istio-system get logentry -o yaml
  • kubectl -n istio-system get tracespan -o yaml


@douglas-reid thanks a lot! Will dig into it to find all the needed configuration.