Could I deploy multiple istio controllers in a k8s cluster?

We are trying to deploy multiple istio controllers(istiod) in a k8s cluster. We have 6 k8s nodes now, and want to dploy multiple istio controller planes so that each pods can get to the nearest one to reduce the delay. But we find it difficult and don’t know how to make it. Could you helps us?

Can you please explain your use case a little more? what kind of delay are you experiencing that you want to mitigate? Also yes you can scale the istiod deployment to as many pods as needed but your question makes me think you want to deploy multiple independent istios?

We have a small cluster with 6 nodes. We want to study whether multiple istio controllers can be deployed in a luaster and we will consider the delay after that. We want to deploy multiple istio controller in different nodes and they can all control the istio. Logically, we have only one istio and multiple controllers. We want to know if it works and how to do it. Thank you very much.