CPU and Memory setup of Pilot/Envoy for small, medium and large depoyments

I am trying to setup several Istio deployments within a multi-tenancy setup. Each tenant has in its namespace the control and data plane.
Resource defaults for Istio/Pilot are CPU=500m and Memory=2048Mi for a ‘small’ pilot installation.
According to https://istio.io/latest/docs/ops/deployment/performance-and-scalability/
Istiod uses 1 vCPU and 1.5 GB of memory for a mesh which consists of 1000 services and 2000 sidecars.

What are the resource requirements for even smaller configurations, like really small setups for each tenant?
small < 50 services
medium < 500 services
large < 1000 services (1 CPU, Memory 1,5 MiB)

CPU, Memory resource request?
Are there any experiences?