Delay in assigning load balancer IP to Istio based ingress object

Hi, I am running istio 1.7.2 with Istio-ingress gateway service as an internal IP. load balancer I am using ingress based on the istio Ingress class, along with gateway and virtual service.

Sometimes, the load balancer’s IP assignment to the ingress takes much time, and hence application is not available. All the logs in the istiod, istio-ingress gateway pod look good. Any pointer, what could be the issue?

Setup of the application manifests

  • Ingress, Gateway & Virtual service objects are in the application namespace, not in the istio-system ns.
  • Ingress api version is extensions/v1beta1
  • Gateway is tls based with SIMPLE mode.


  • restarting istiod pod results in the assignment of the IP, however sometimes restart also doesn’t work.