Istio Gateway not assigned external IP

Hey, I am following tutorial on Istio’s site, I’ve setup 3 different nodes as amazon ec2 instances, 1 master and 2 workers. I’ve installed it all, but external IP is not assigned.

Note that I am not using EKS because honestly, why would I pay extra?

I’ve been following some recommendations from stackoverflow etc, but I seem to not be able to get external IP working. I’ve tried creating Load Balancer in ec2 dashboard but still no luck.

It would mean alot if someone can send me some guide to follow through or help me out here.

Thank you

Istio just creates a LoadBalancer type Service (by default). If your cluster is not configured to provision a load balancer for those (using a cloud provider or metal-lb or similar), then it will never be provisioned.

This is a general Kubernetes thing, not specific to Istio really, so Kubernetes docs may be helpful here.

I decided to roll with EKS due to loadbalancer, but now I am fighting different kind of beast haha