Idiot's guide to IP addresses?

Hi All; sorry, newb question incoming…

I am currently setting up my first local kubernetes cluster using istio and have a really basic question: how do the various IP addresses relate to each other?

For example:
My machine’s IP address on my local network:
Minikube tunnel IP address on my local network:
Istio Load Balancer External IP address:
Istio Daemon IP address:
Pod IP address: …etc…

For example, I guess all traffic intended for services on the cluster passes through the minikube IP address - does this traffic then get internally passed through the Load Balancer IP address? Is the idea that the Load Balancer then passes the traffic to the individual Pod IP addresses? What exactly does “External” mean in the context of the Load Balance IP address?


Incoming traffic → Minikube IP → Load Balancer IP → Pod IP

Is that correct? Where does the Istio Daemon IP address fit into this?

Does anyone know of a simple diagram that summarizes how these relate?

Apologies if this is really basic stuff, but please be gentle with me…