Docker hub rate limits Istio 1.4

Hi all =)

Now, free Docker hub user are limited to 100 and 200 container image pull request per six hour, because of this I’m having some problems when scaling my PODs. I’m using Istio 1.4.6 and tried to change deployments from Istio to use an image that I’ve upload on ECR (AWS), all works good, but even with my change, the sidecar still getting image in “”.

Does anyone knows where should I make the change so that sidecar takes images from my ECR AWS?

There’s something you can configure. I think it’s in the Istio profile (the IstioOperator object), probably in the section. Daniel

You can ref this doc Istio / Handling Docker Hub rate limiting or change configmap istio-sidecar-injector to change hub: “Google Cloud Platform

Hi, thanks all for the tips, so, Ive solved this issue with the following steps:

1 - Upload the same image to my ECR AWS. Istio proxy 1.4.6.
2 - Change deployments to get proxy image from my ECR
3 - Update configmap “istio-sidecar-injector” to use “<URL from ECR, don’t need to contain image name here>” instead of “docker.istio/Istio”. You can find this on values.

Thanks all! =)