Istio docker images from private repo

we have a requirement to pull the docker images from private artifactory, so using to annotation, but this annotation doesn’t apply to istio-init container, it is only applied to the istio-proxy sidecar container, i have some more question on the same topic:

  1. how to make istio-init to be pulled from private repo because doesnt apply to it
  2. how to set clusterwide istio-init and istio-proxy image to be pulled from private repo? 1.4 has sidecar injector configmap i think this can be set from there but how to do same in 1.5 as there is no seaprate sidecar injector pod and also the config map

I added “–set” when I did istioctl manifest generate for 1.5.1, and it used it for all images except for prometheus (which used values.prometheus.hub).


thanks, i will check on this. so seems there is no option to achieve same from annotation for istio-init container