Does Istio supports mixed node pools linux and windows in one AKS cluster?

We have a requirement to install a payment solution in AKS cluster. We are currently running only Linux node pools inside our cluster. We are using the isito service mesh in this cluster for securing microservices communication. Now we need to install the windows node pool or containers along with the current linux node pools.
Does istio service mesh supports windows node pools.?
Or can we install separate cluster for windows node pool, and not use the istio. ?

Need some recommendation and suggestions from experts.

Unfortunately this is still not supported, perhaps with Ambient coming into view it could be slightly easier (only L4 processing needs to be performed on the Windows node, but yet ztunnel is not ported to Windows, as also the relevant network redirection needs to be ported as well), but there seems to be too little traction/too few resources to tackle the problem. The issue to follow is this: Support Windows in Istio Data Plane · Issue #27893 · istio/istio · GitHub