Envoy version in Istio 1.2.0 release uses envoy fork and is lagging behind

The envoyproxy version in latest Istio 1.2.0 release uses istio/envoy fork (https://github.com/istio/proxy/blob/7767d3a6fd8def76b44f5c03283ba3f2f9dd74a9/istio.deps). The istio/envoy repo is marked as fork for dev purposes.

We (Salesforce) actively contribute to envoyproxy/envoy repo and would like to understand what’s the strategy used around using the fork vs original repo for a release. Should we pick up changes from envoyproxy/envoy repo to istio/envoy fork when we need an envoy feature? Or it’s a temporary thing and the strategy is to actually update the deps to the envoyproxy/envoy repo to latest commit as and when required?

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