Exporting Logs to BigQuery, GCS, Pub/Sub through Stackdriver

I have Istio 1.12 and I need to send EnvoyProxy logs to Google using Stackdriver.

I’m following Istio Prelim 1.14 / Exporting Logs to BigQuery, GCS, Pub/Sub through Stackdriver and it shows that “logentry” is needed.
When I try to create a “logentry” (Istioldie 1.6 / Log Entry) I get the following error:

no matches for kind “instance” in version “config.istio.io/v1alpha2

How can I solve this?

I would ignore that blog post. It is from 2018 and for a different era of Istio architecture. If you look at the Telemetry API, you should be able to send information to Stackdriver. The key bits will be authentication. If you are running in GKE, this should not be an issue.

I’m running Istio on a Kubernetes cluster on-premise. Is it possible the integration with Google BigQuery or Cloud Logging?

Yes. It is possible to integrate with Cloud Logging. You’ll need to set up default application credentials and pass in the project you wish to use via GCP_METADATA, but it should be doable.

If I want to send on-premise EnvoyProxy logs to Google Cloud Logging, I must install a Stackdriver agent within the EnvoyProxy container… am I right?