Fixing the version of containers when using helm template

Hi, I am creating yamls with something like:

helm template install/kubernetes/helm/istio --name istio --namespace istio-system  --set grafana.enabled=true --set kiali.enabled=true --set prometheus.enabled=true --set tracing.enabled=true --set tracing.ingress.enabled=true >> istio.yaml 

but this sets everything up with the “latest” image tag. Is there a way of fixing the version as we are ending up with inconsistent versions of stuff on different nodes and it causing havoc.



Hi Andrew!

You can --set global.tag to pin the image tags.


Please do not install from the github source and follow

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@howardjohn - What is the problem of installing from github source?

We make changes to the installation at build time to set the right images, etc

and you should be installing from a stable version, we do not support installing from GitHub which may have changed that have not gone through as rigorous testing as our releases