GCP: Assigning reserved regional IP to ingressgateway


Hello team,

I am trialling a new cluster deployment using Istio on GKE for an upcoming project. I have reserved an external regional static IP on GCP.

I have an A record forwarded from a subdomain to this IP address. When creating my ingressgateway I would like to be able to provide this external IP within my template so that the new cluster uses the existing reserved IP.

I can convert an auto assigned ephermeral IP to static, but that requires updating the A record which is slow and is simply not suitable.

Is it possible to assign the reserved IP with a Gateway on networking.istio.io/v1alpha3 and if so, how?

Apologies if this is simple, I’m new to this. Thanks!


You can do that by editing the istio-ingressgateway service of loadbalancer type using

type: LoadBalancer                  
loadBalancerIP: $IP