Grafana dont capture data from services

after install istio 1.1.0 with helm and tiler using configuration profile demo-auth, i deploy a single services in a custom namespace and expose grafana by loadbalancer (aws), but in mesh dashboard of grafana i can’t see any register for the services, any clue?

Facing same issue.

Can you check prometheus to see what services it has discovered, and whether the targets are responding?

@Mitch_Connors In my case, I am not seeing metrics for services created in default namespace. Metrics are showing up for services created in a different namespace. Is there anything in prometheus targets that can indicate why this is happening?

Can you verify that your services have the istio sidecar running?

Prometheus should have relevant data, though it’s not the easiest to read. If you go to prometheus/targets, have a look at the istio-mesh target. This should have one ip address per instance of mixer telemetry, and all healthy. If so, mixer may not be collecting telemetry as you expect. If there are unhealthy addresses, or addresses missing, Prometheus is having trouble contacting mixer.