Helm Install errors due to MutatingWebhookConfiguration

Installing just the unmodified values-istio-demo.yaml using “helm install” on K8s 1.14.2.
We see this webhook validation error below. Experimented a few different ways.

Is there an inherent race condition between this configuration webhook validation and the galley pod being ready to accept HTTPS requests?
Seems the config validation occurs just after the Galley Deployment resource is created?
Is it a hard requirement, with “helm install”, to use --set global.configValidation=false in order to bypass this race condition between the webhook and galley pod startup???

[kuberadmin@master-1-a00044-4b2c09f7b029c1b8 yaml]$ helm install helm/istio --name istio --namespace fed-istio --values helm/istio/values-istio-demo.yaml
Error: release istio failed: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook “pilot.validation.istio.io”: Post https://istio-galley.fed-istio.svc:443/admitpilot?timeout=30s: dial tcp connect: connection refused