Host Istio ingress gateway on port 80 and 443

Hi All,

Currently we are in a process of moving to istio service mesh. With our previous architecture we used nginx ingress controller to route traffic to inside cluster from CDN.

When we are routing traffic from CDN, nginx controller need to be hosted on 80 and 443. But if we replace this with istio ingress controller there’s no way to host this in mentioned ports?

I went through istio configuration and by default it’s starting with node port range 30000-32767
and is there way to fulfill my requirement.

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Istio Ingressgateway by default using LoadBalancer service (of course implement NodePort). I dont thing that will be a problem

@Zufar_Dhiyaulhaq Thank you very much for the reply…

Can we attached an exiting NLB to istio ingress gateway service ? If you can post a sample code that will really helpful.

Thanks again…

I am not sure about NLB on AWS. but there is serviceAnnotations on IstioOperator.

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