Specifying hosts on non 80/443 external port

I’ve starting out with Istio and can’t seem to get around this issue.
I’m using the ingress with a nodeport configuration.

I’ve got it setup happily and have validated the booking page demo.

But I can’t get the host header to be allowed when the port is no 80/443.
e.g external lb open on 88 -> nodeport (e.g 30168)
If the hosts on the virtualservice are configured for ‘*’ its fine.
If i set the hosts to say booking.example.com then it starts producing 404.
If I set the external lb port to 80 -> nodeport then it works fine.

I’m not sure how to get the ingress to accept host headers with a non default port.

I saw someone else mention that you could specify a port under the http section but this made no difference for me. I’m assuming this is a common question since other non http services would need to have ports defined.

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