How to add SkyWalking to adaptor document list


Apache SkyWalking has supported istio mixer telemetry( . I want to know how to add the project link and config document link to the istio doc page(

Hope someone could provide a clear way to do so.


IIRC, you need to point a script in the docs repo at your repo. See:


Yes. I have noticed this script. But what do I need to put in my repo?


You just need a pb.html file for your config, iirc. This is (somewhat) documented on the github wiki:


Did you get this working? If not, please let me know and we’ll get it working.


Sorry. I haven’t no time in these days to try this. Working on KubeCon CFP review, and finish all works before Chinese new year vacation. 3 days left. I will work on this after I am back from the vacation.


I just submitted the PR.