How to build istio-proxy image more smaller

First I download the source code for istio,choose tag 1.7.1,I run the command ‘make docker.proxyv2’ to build a istio-proxy image, then I got that :

istio/proxyv2        4e26c697ce460dc8d3b25b25818fb0163ca16394   994116f838b7        4 days ago          360MB

Why is it that the size of the mirror I compiled is 360MB, while the mirror I saw on official channels is just over 100 MB? I know this might have something to do with the base image, but I don’t know how to use the compile command to compile a mirror that matches the official release version.

can someone help me?

Out of curiosity… why would you want to do that? I mean build your own istio proxy image?

Docker hub image size as docker images will show different sizes. if you run docker images on istio/proxyv2:1.7.4 it is 347mb, but on dockerhub its 115mb. It is because they should compressed size

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Our container environment is OpenShift and does not allow sidecar to start with UID 1337. In fact, I wonder why Sidecar needs to force the use of UID 1337 instead of configuring it.