How to change configuration (enable/disable a feature) after istio is deployed

I have installed istio using the following command:

istioctl manifest apply --set profile=default

Now I would like to enable tracing without uninstalling and reinstalling istio. Can I use the following command to do it:

istioctl manifest apply --set profile=default --set values.tracing.enabled=true --set values.tracing.provider=zipkin

It is not very clear from the documentation whether I can run the above command after istio is deployed.

Also is there any command to know all the configuration values in an istio deployment?


You can run the command after istio is deployed as it will not change existing installation and just add-on other things.
If you are using Minikube you can run “minikube dashboard” to get deployments configs.

Correct, “istioctl manifest apply” has semantics just like “kubectl apply --prune”, meaning that any changes you make will be merged with the existing install resources (and deleted objects will be pruned). Only changed resources will be updated on the API server, others will be untouched.