What is the official way for Istio 1.5.x / 1.6.x version restore methodology?

We going to restore the Istio by extract the current Istio yaml as below and apply with them once the Istio got issue. But is there any official way to restore the entire Istio ( version 1.5.8 and 1.6.x ) ? Thanks.

Backup Istio yaml list :

  1. istio-system.yaml
  2. clusterrole
  3. clusterrolebinding
  4. role
  5. rolebinding
  6. StorageClass
  7. CustomResourceDefinition (need modify schema, see appendix 1)
  8. ServiceAccount (need remove the token value)
  9. ConfigMap
  10. HorizontalPodAutoscaler
  11. ValidatingWebhookConfiguration
  12. Service
  13. Deployment
  14. EndPoint

How are you deploying Istio, most of the above yaml can and should be generated from helm or istioctl so i would suggest using those tools to reapply istio

I am deploy using istioctl. And we have modified some parameter in ConfigMap and also the ingress gateway IP. And we will regularly backup the Istio yaml file in case need to restore the Istio then re-apply the yaml again. But don’t know what is the official restore istio way.

are you using istioctl install? You can change from that to kubectl apply via istioctl manifest generate which will print all of the yamls. If you are looking to restore more than that (Ex. Certs, Tokens, IP Addresses, etc) it gets a lot harder to capture the state of them. It typically easier to try and abstract those away so when istio is deployed again your applications can grab new resources from Istio rather than hold onto old ones.

Yes, I am using the istioctl install. Do you mean using istioctl manifest generate can extract out current Istio config and yaml ? Because some resource like SSL credential and ingress gateway IP address and ConfigMap setting want extract them also. Thanks.

yes, istioctl manifest generate generates the yaml istioctl install uses to apply to kubernetes