Upgrade Istio from version 1.4.9

Hello Team,

We are running Istio version 1.4.9 and we always used to install it via helm upgrade method. After Istio 1.4.9, this method is no more supported. Also to migrate from this method to either istioctl or istio operator is not documented anywhere. Can anyone help us with it? We found some disscuss link talking about issues and steps for the same although they do not provide the exact path to do the same or to be followed by everyone. Example links:

Can we have any documentation around it, to avoid mistakes and to make everyone clear about the path?

For versions before 1.5, it’s basically the same as 1.5:

But there’s one more step required:

You have to disable the 1.4 validation webhook, otherwise it will interfere with 1.6.
I’ll update the official upgrade docs to mention this, as well as some comments about migrating from Helm (it’s basically the same, but also you need to create an IstioOperator CR from values.yaml using istioctl manifest migrate as a starting point).