Timelines for helm installation deprecation?

is there a timeline when helm install method will be deprecated? based on that I can choose whether to use helm or istioctl, due to the bug https://github.com/istio/istio/issues/19475 i am less confident on using istioctl

also, is is possible that I use helm now and later migrate to istioctl method without breaking or without any downtime of existing installation?

Hi, the current tentative plan is to deprecate in 1.6. Yes, you can use helm for now and migrate to istioctl later if you feel more comfortable with that. btw. we’ve fixed the upgrade issue and are awaiting a patch release 1.4.3 for the fix to be available.

thanks, i wonder how helm to istioctl migration will be seamless, do we need to keep helm installed and then do the future upgrades by istioctl?

There’s an istioctl manifest migrate command which will update your config from helm to istioctl format. From that point you would use istioctl to upgrade instead of helm.

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@deepak_deore Can you clarify, is only installation with helm install being deprecated, or is then entire concept of a Helm installation being deprecated (helm template | kubectl apply -f -)?

Someone from istio members can answer this question, as far as I understand, they won’t maintain helm package after that is deprecated which means helm template also isn’t recommended.

But lets wait for istio members’ confirmation.

The plan is to deprecate all of helm, at least as something that would be maintained by the Istio team. The exact timing is tbd but we encourage users to switch to istioctl or operator based installation.