Exact steps to migrate from a helm install

Hey all!

Love istio – but we’ve installed it with helm and would like to migrate to istioctl. We have isito running in production and want to reduce or eliminate downtime. What are the EXACT steps required to migrate? I couldn’t find documentation on this. We’re on istio 1.4.4.

Here’s my theory:

istioctl manifest migrate [env-values.yaml]
helm del istio -n istio-system
helm del istio-init -n istio-system
kubectl get crd | grep istio | cut -d" " -f 1 | xargs kubectl delete crd # picked up from previous post
istioctl manifest apply [migrate-values.yaml]
kubectl apply -f [all-istio-yaml]

Is this the exact procedure required to migrate from helm to istioctl?

Thanks in advance!