Procedure how to migrate from Helm to istioctl


I was not able to find any documentation describing how to migrate Istio’s Helm chart installation method to istioctl. Could you describe how does it look like?

I have a Kubernetes cluster (v1.14.7) running on minikube with Istio (v1.4.2) installed from Helm chart. Then I want to migrate it to istioctl. I try to execute the following command:

  • istioctl manifest migrate install/kubernetes/helm/istio/values.yaml > istioctl-migrate.yaml
  • istioctl manifest apply -f istioctl-migrate.yaml

However, it doesn’t work. I get many of these errors:

Failed to generate and apply manifests, error: failed to generate manifest: input file failed validation with the following errors: unknown field...

Can you advise what is the proper migration way?

It looks like it may be a bug - I’ve created to track it.