how to get database call span in a trace

Hello everyone,


I have a question regarding how to get spans for database calls?


  • According to the documentation when we need to configure pods and service using the conventions given on this link.

  • the Second point is that applications need to pass these request params in egress requests but the issue is that I can handle these things on application code but how to do it on database calls side what I meant is that I cannot change the database client’s code to pass those request headers.

Currently envoy doesn’t provide tracing of database calls. However, as you mentioned, you can instrument your application code to generate tracing for the database client, e.g.

Not sure any databases support tracing on the backend/server side - so not sure its relevant to send the trace context details with the db call?

One quick solution that can be done is by developing a wrapper around the database client. That wrapper will process the headers required by istio.