How to hold a application until proxy starts

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In version 1.7.0 a new feature is released where in we can set a property to hold the application until the proxy starts up. Can any one please help me on how to set this option to true while installing a default or demo profile? I tried below approach and got a error

Istioctl install --set profile=demo --set values.proxy.holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts=true

Could your issue be that you should be using the global values option?

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It doesnt look like that is a issue. I have anyways tried that out and still getting a error. Please find below the error i am getting

istioctl install --set
Error: failed to apply manifests: could not unmarshal merged YAML: unknown field “Values” in v1alpha1.IstioOperatorSpec


istioctl install --set

That changes the error. I am not sure if i am missing some thing here

istioctl install --set
Run the command with the --force flag if you want to ignore the validation error and proceed.
Error: failed to apply manifests: unknown field “holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts” in v1alpha1.ProxyConfig

I haven’t tested this myself but it looks like it should work.

Are you definitely using an istioctl version 1.7.x?

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Thanks :smile: It is working now. I had more than one version downloaded in the directory and when i set the path i did not know which one it was picking. I deleted all other versions other than 1.7 and ran again and it worked :slight_smile: