Deprecated holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts? Can't find any information about this

I’ve read this in the changelog for istio 1.8

Added holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts field to ProxyConfig , allowing it to be configured at the pod level. Should not be used in conjunction with the deprecated value. (Issue #27696)

It states that is deprecated. I don’t find any information about this flag in the documentation but I was waiting for this feature and I started using it in 1.7. In the PR I see it is still working. Is it really deprecated? If yes how can I make sure to have the same functionality globally? It seems like the ProxyConfig is only per pod basis but I’d like this globally.


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I think that spec.meshConfig.defaultConfig.holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts is used as default setting.

kind: IstioOperator
      holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts: true

Pod annotation can override that.

annotations: '{ "holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts": false }'

Default or annotation setting appears in environment variable named PROXY_CONFIG in istio-proxy container. I guess this is the ProxyConfig source.