How to remove pods in terminating state

I have a copy of each Istio pod. One in terminating state and the other in running state. I cannot delete the pod in terminating state because it says not found. What is the solution for this? reinstall istio?
coffee:tekton Steven$ k delete pod grafana-67c69bb567-cj4gb
Error from server (NotFound): pods “grafana-67c69bb567-cj4gb” not found
coffee:tekton Steven$ k --namespace istio-system get pods
grafana-67c69bb567-4z9wd 1/1 Running 0 36h
grafana-67c69bb567-cj4gb 1/1 Terminating 0 3d7h
istio-citadel-fc966574d-7g2gt 1/1 Terminating 5 3d7h
istio-citadel-fc966574d-kw24k 1/1 Running 0 36h
istio-egressgateway-6b4cd4d9f-hclgp 1/1 Terminating 0 3d7h
istio-egressgateway-6b4cd4d9f-st4c9 1/1 Running 0 36h
istio-galley-cf776876f-4h2dh 1/1 Running 0 36h
istio-galley-cf776876f-tdlrl 1/1 Terminating 1 3d7h
istio-ingressgateway-59cc6ccbcb-8tg8j 1/1 Terminating 0 3d7h
istio-ingressgateway-59cc6ccbcb-9ft6d 1/1 Running 0 36h
istio-pilot-7955cdff46-kk6c8 2/2 Running 0 36h
istio-pilot-7955cdff46-vx9cn 2/2 Terminating 0 3d9h
istio-policy-78c7d8cffb-5cd7q 2/2 Terminating 18 3d9h

Ok here is the answer below - anyone care to comment on why the pods get stuck like this to begin with? :