How to set istio egress protcol with http2


I am new to istio, I got one problem: we have application installed with microk8s, there is a register message send to external simulator port 8082. this regiester message should be http2 (since if we don’t use kubernetes, it’s send out with http2). but in microk8s environment, in the tcpdump, the message was send with http1.1 to external server port 8082.

I tried to set the enableProtocolSniffingForInbound and enableProtocolSniffingForOutbound into true with the following command, but no help:

bin/istioctl manifest apply --set profile=demo --set values.pilot.enableProtocolSniffingForInbound=true --set values.pilot.enableProtocolSniffingForOutbound=true

Would you please help me out?
Thanks in advance for your support

No one know this?

Thanks in advance.

how do you configure the egress?
The default http is http1.1 when there is not explicit configuration as I know.
One configuration can be used is h2UpgradePolicy in DestinationRule.

thanks for your reply!

I configure egress with default, do you have an example command to update the default value of h2UpgradePolicy?