HTTP2 \ gRPC metrics

Apologies for duplicating this from the github issue I’ve raised earlier, but still a relevant topic for me that I wasn’t able to find any answers to:

I’ve been looking for any HTTP2 \ gRPC specific metrics exposed by the istio ingress gateway and istio-proxy sidecars, wasn’t able find any:

  • the envoy_cluster_http2_* doesn’t seem to reflect current state: envoy_cluster_http2_streams_active always shows 1 while there are certainly more active streams, envoy_cluster_http2_pending_send_bytes and envoy_cluster_http2_outbound_flood while I’m getting logs for “response_code_details”:“http2.outbound_frames_flood” events;
  • the istio_request_messages_total and istio_response_messages_total are not exposed on the metrics endpoint at all (while tons of other HTTP metrics are exposed as expected);

Is this a bug or there there is any additional undocumented configuration required on the istio \ envoy part to get subject exposed?

Version details:

$ istioctl version
client version: 1.11.3
control plane version: 1.13.5
data plane version: 1.13.5 (12 proxies)
$ kubectl version --short
Client Version: v1.23.3
Server Version: v1.22.11