Invalid cookie signature

Hi, I’m migrating my k8s cluster to an identical one (previous k8s version was too old). I’m getting the following error on my Scala service (Play + Silhouette):
[Silhouette][CookieState] Invalid cookie signature

I have the same service running on my original cluster with the same code, using the same DB, with all the same secrets and the same Istio config. Is there any Istio setting I may be missing?

Old cluster k8s version: 1.13
Old cluster Istio version: 1.0.5
New cluster k8s version: 1.18
New cluster Istio version: 1.9.0

Istio 1.0.5 → 1.9.0 is a big upgrade with tons of changes, do you have more information about the error message? AFAIK, istio does not modify with the cookie header unless you specifically configured something in the VirtualService.