Is ServiceEntry needed?

Hi all,

I have a pod that need to contact an external HTTPS service.
The pod can resolved the IP of the external HTTPS service.
So without istio injected in the namespace my pod can connect to the external service.
If i enable the injection of istio in the namespace my pod can’t connect to the extenal service: i need to create a ServiceEntry so it can work normally.
Why do i need a ServiceEntry even if the external service can be resolved by DNS ?

It’s a default behavior to allow you to control the access to external services in the same way as you do it inside your mesh. If you don’t want to use istio for this purpose then you can set meshConfig.outboundTrafficPolicy.mode flag to ALLOW_ANY and in this case istio proxy will not intercept calls to external services.

Or you can create ServiceEntry.

Thanks a lot for the answer @sergii-s