Istio 1.3.3 on Openshift 3.11.88 Networking


I have installed Istio 1.3.3 ( on OpenShift 3.11.88 with Kiali, Grafana, Tracing enabled. I have installed the Bookinfo sample, but have no traffic showing in kiali dashboard (i am genrating some traffic using reccurent ‘curl’). I still can’t figure out the networking model when i put istio on openshift. Between Openshift Routes and Istio Gateways !

Is there any special configuration to use a ServiceEntry object in an istio installed on Openshift 3.11.88 ?

I have found that if we use the Openshift Service Mesh (Maistra), the routes are automatically bound to the created gateways (one you create a gateway, there is an automatic creation and management of the corresponding route in Openshift).

Is there any compatibility issues in my case ?

Thank you in advance for your hints.


The best way to run Istio on OpenShift is by using Maistra. There are some differences between vanilla Kubernetes and OpenShift, the latter being more restricted. Maistra addresses these differences.

That said, make sure you are following the steps described in

If you still see issues, check the page

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