OpenShift Prometheus vs Istio Prometheus


I have installed Istio 1.3.3 on OpenShift 3.11.88.
I have installed the bookinfo application; the application is working and shown on kiali dashboard with no traffic.

Can this be a problem related to the fact that there is 2 prometheus on openshift ?

If yes, how to isolate istio prometheus from istio prometheus and work with the first for Grafana and Kiali ?

Thank you.

Hi, @sethokayba

Sorry for the late response.
It’s most likely it’s not related with the fact of two prometheus.

First thing to try: Can you check if Kiali is flagging your workloads with “missing sidecar”?
If so, that’s the reason you aren’t seeing any traffic.

AFAIK, in OpenShift 3.11 you need to enable some AdmissionControllers that are not enabled by default in OS3.11. This could be the issue.