No istio-system traffic in Kiali

I’ve install a fresh Istio + Kiali on a fresh K8s 16 cluster.
I’ve install the bookinfo project on Default namespace.
I’ve install Grafana, Kiali, Jagger, … on istio-system.

First of all, to get my ingress gateway working I had to activate SDS on a SDS environnement :

kubectl -n istio-system
patch gateway istio-autogenerated-k8s-ingress --type=json
-p=’[{“op”: “replace”, “path”: “/spec/servers/1/tls”, “value”: {“credentialName”: “ingress-cert”, “mode”: “SIMPLE”, “privateKey”: “sds”, “serverCertificate”: “sds”}}]’


When I go on Kiali I see two things, and I’m wondering if it’s normal :

  • On bookinfo, there is no Inbound traffic to Ingress Gateway (only traffic from ingressgateway to productpage, …)
  • On istio-system, I’ve no traffic at all. i’ve a curl each 1 second on my grafana service, but no traffic between ingressgateway and grafana. (I need to check “unused node” on Kiali to see grafana, but still no traffic.

Any advices ?


In general, Grafana (or other components from istio-system) are not considered to be part of the mesh. That is to say, they don’t come with a sidecar proxy. That’s why traffic flowing through them is not reported (or partly reported, if they communicate with mesh elements).

So, unless you did inject sidecar proxy to components such as Grafana, it’s expected to not see any traffic from them in Kiali.

Hello @jotak
Thanks for the answer.

I see, So i will let istio-system outside the monitoring.

Many Thanks for the explaination.