ISTIO CNI drops initContainers outgoing traffic


ISTIO-CNI updates the IPTABLES (to route all outbound traffic through istio-proxy port 15001) along with pod network setup. We have initcontainers that make outbound calls, So initContainers outbound traffic are routed to port 15001 and get dropped.

If the outbound traffic is destined to particular set of CIDRs, we can workaround by excluding through annotation " ". else initcontainer fails and blocking the pod to be up.

@tiswanso is this a known issue? Any workarounds/fixes planned?

I am not clear on the request. Is the request to have traffic for the init container to not be redirected until the app pod is up? If so there is a issue open already tracking that request. It would be considered a new feature.
If the problem is that the traffic is still blocked to even after adding the include or exclude annotations then that would be an issue we need to understand better. There is a PR in flight 14171 trying to fix an issue when the CIDRs are set via Helm values

Yes, this is essentially by design. The excludeOutboundIPRanges is a work-around; NOTE: in CNI we need to implement the excludeOutboundPorts annotation support that was just added.

The work-in-progress to address this is having envoy started by the CNI so that by the time any initContainers are started by k8s, the proxy is setup and ready. See

BTW the CNI issue that was raised is: but I just closed it and it should be reopened on the Istio repo if there is still a strong need.

Thanks a lot @tiswanso @john-a-joyce for your response…

We are fine with using the annotation workaround as long it is recommended and the only option.